Do You Have Eyes to See?

Thursday is for Making Disciples

“If the unchurched [in the USA] were a nation unto themselves, they would be the eleventh most populated country on earth today.”  (Pollster, George Barna, in Rechurching the Unchurched)*

We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that because many of our friends are believers and go to church that almost everyone believes. The facts are otherwise.

Most of our neighbors desperately need Jesus. 

  • How are you making Jesus real to your neighbors?
  • Is it important to you?
  • Do you blow these questions off or allow them to drive you to your knees? 
* It is beside the point that, “rechurching” America should or shouldn’t be our goal. I don’t think it should be our goal. Our goal ought to be to make-disciples for the glory of God which is the most radical thing we could possible do. People who are truly disciples of Jesus, truly captured by his sacrifice, truly converted to his mission, truly followers of  him who died to redeem them—they ought to be the most radical people in the world.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Eyes to See?

  1. True! I think we need to search for the true God and His pure unperverted truth ourselves to start with for us to be effective agents of change and rapidly spread the truth under the power of the Spirit of God like the early church did. We got to adopt instructions, ways and walk unwavingly in the only one path of the Lord. When we do this Christ promised such that His presence will be with them until the end of the world. The problem now is that we have come up with our own ways, man-made commandments and different paths from different denominations, each one desiring to make their own name instead of glorifying God.

    The present church like the church in the wilderness in the Old Testament in their hearts went back to Egypt (world). The world is converting the church into its own ways unlike the other way round. I tremble when I think about this because I think am not special and better than others. I ask God always to help me that His presence may continuously be with me that through His presence and power many shall come to the knowledge of the true God and the truth and also be filled with true love and wisdom from above.

    Now the solution is after finding the true God and His truth, we got to make true disciples of Jesus Christ who shall make other disciples of Jesus Christ and so on. We should teach denominations also to stop making their own converts but disciples of Jesus Christ fully loyal to their Lord no matter what the circumstances.


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