The Teamsters, Apologetics, Worship, R.C. Sproul and the Poached Egg

Links for the Second Weekend in September (2011)

Links included here will challenge your thinking, inspire your heart, and motivate your action. But as always, just because I put it here, it doesn’t mean I endorse everything that is said.

Defending the Faith

Are the Four Gospels Reliable? (Apologetics 315)
Open Letter to Young Apologists (The Poached Egg)
Apologetics Makes A Comeback Among Youth (Christianity Today)
Has God Done Enough for the World? (R.C. Sproul)

Productive Ecclesiastical Patterns

Where and How to Celebrate Baptism in the Service (9Marks)
What Style of Music is Appropriate for Worship? (9Marks)
Do We Entertain or Disciple? (Burk Parsons)
What is the Difference Between the Real and False Gospels? (9Marks)

Cultural Engagement

Scientific Wonders to the Creation (Douglass Wilson)
Is the Post Office Coming to an End? (New York Times)
Racial Integration in Rural Michigan (Detroit Free Press)
Children with Disabilities: The Canary for a Culture (The Works of God)
Christians Losing Freedoms in the Workplace (Bank of America)
Are the Teamsters Unpatriotic? (Kyle Olsen)

Living the Christian Life

Using Resources for the Glory of God and the Joy of the Nations (
Five Strategies for Getting Unstuck (Leadership Freak)
What Does Incarnational Living Mean? (Bob Logan)

Engaging the Arts and Entertainment World

Is there Merit to Christian Films? (Culture Making)

Church Planting Helps

7 Top Issues Every Church Planter Faces: Leadership (Acts 29)

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