Behaving Like Creatures without Souls

Monday Discussion

As we drove back from Michigan together on Sunday, I was reading J.C. Ryle’s A Call to Prayer: An Urgent Plea to enter into Secret Place out loud to my happy-to-be-driving wife. I came across this arresting quote on page 5.

“I believe that thousands never utter a word of prayer at all. They eat. They drink. They sleep. They rise. They go forth to their labor. They return to their homes. They breathe God’s air. They see God’s sun. They walk on God’s earth. They enjoy God’s mercies. They have dying bodies. They have judgment and eternity before them. But they never speak to God. They live like beasts that perish. They behave like creatures without souls.”

Question: Is it possible to be a disciple of Christ and never cultivate an inner life of prayer?

2 thoughts on “Behaving Like Creatures without Souls

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