Praying Worthy Prayers

Wednesday is for Prayer

Letter from a missionary out of the jungles of New Guinea.

“Man it is great to be in the thick of the battle, to draw the old devil’s heaviest guns, to have him at you with depressions, and discouragements, slander and disease. He doesn’t waste time on lukewarm Christians on the lukewarm bunch. He hits good and hard where the fellow is hitting him. You can always measure the weight of your blow by the one you get back. When you are on your back with fever, at your last ounce of strength, when some of your converts backslide, when you learn that your most promising inquirers are only fooling, when your mail gets held up and some don’t bother to answer letters.

Is that time to put on mourning? No sir, that is the time to pull out the stops. To shout Hallelujah! The old fellow is getting it in the neck and hitting back. Heaven is leaning over the battlements and watching. ‘Will he stick with it?’ And as they see who is with us and as they see the unlimited resources, as they see the impossibility of failure, how disgusted and sad they must be when they see us run away. Glory to God, we are not going to run away. We are going to stand.”

The glory of knowing that God is with us, that he withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly, that he calls us friend, and brother, ambassador, when we are in reality slaves and servants … Jesus is worthy of every ounce of strength and love and devotion.

“Oh Lord, make us men and women who live with passion for the glory of your name. Build in us a zeal that is relentless in its pursuit of you and the proclamation of your gospel. Make us men whose lives declare that we will not be defeated because of the power of your Spirit at work in our lives. Amen.

See Marty III’s newest poem for more encouragement to live passionately for and like Jesus.

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