Death of a Hero: We are Poorer Today, But He Has Gained

Dr. David Nicholas (1931-2011)

Dr. David Nicholas went home to be with the Lord he loved on January 25th after a massive heart attack at 9PM.

The press outside of Boca Raton, Florida and a few others places will probably not mark the day, but this remarkable man will be long remembered by countless men and women that have come to faith through his personal ministry and the hundreds of churches he helped to plant. He was a giant of a servant.

David loved the gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved the Lord of that Gospel with a zeal and passion that was rivaled by few. I first heard of David over 2o years ago. I did not have the good fortune of meeting him till last year when his assistant and co-laborer in the ministry, Ryan McInerney, read something on my blog and saw a kinship between my writing and a book that David had recently published.

Together, they invited me to come and participate in one of David’s Gospel Boot Camps. Since then, David was kind enough to invite me to participate in two other  boot camps, one completed and one later next month at Calvin College. I knew him only a short time. And yet, I knew that David loved me. That was David–warm, generous, loyal and fiercely protective of the gospel that had been entrusted to him. Faithful to the end, David died yesterday after completing another strenuous day of ministry and mentoring.

So few finish well. David did. We will miss him. Our great comfort is that he knows the presence of Christ. The hope of the gospel is real.

Please be in prayer for his wife, his three sons and grandchildren.

David’s passing brings a new soberness to Psalm 90.

5 thoughts on “Death of a Hero: We are Poorer Today, But He Has Gained

  1. Marty, I want to thank you for inviting me to the Gospel Boot Camp led by Dr. Nicholas recently. I’ve learned to present the gospel logically, clearly, sequentially by telling the bad news about us and the good news about Jesus. Although I had only few days of meeting Dr. Nicholas during the Gospel Boot Camp, I feel like his legacy lives on with me…


  2. David Nicholas was and is a very special man of God. He had a profound and lasting effect effect on me, my wife Marilyn, and my sons Kemp and Rob. This has carried over into the next generation where all six of our grandchildren take seriously the things of the Lord Jesus Christ. He discipled me from a brand new believer (I was 37 years old), personally and individually, for months until I finally understood what was happening in my life through the Holy Spirit.

    I once asked Pastor Dave: “David, what do you like to do in your free time?” He thought for a long minute and then answered quietly “I like to share the gospel!”

    Pastor David’s father, also Pastor Nicholas, survived into his nineties as I recall. I don’t think anyone was prepared for this news today, but thank you for spreading the word.

    Our prayers and happy memories are with Nori.

    Lord, I thank you for this fine man of God.

    Bill Otto (William S. Otto MD)
    Winston Salem NC


    1. Steve,
      It was great to have you in the boot camp with Dr. Nicholas and I trust that your time with David will produce a great harvest for the kingdom.

      Dr. Otto,
      What a great testimony you give of David’s influence. I’m sure that Nori will take great comfort in knowing that her husband is fondly remembered and so lastingly productive for the kingdom of Christ.


  3. I was sinner when at the time that I first heard David speak of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I knew that there was a God but that knowledge did not have much impression on me. My wife Susie talked me into going to church every Sunday to hear David’s words of God. Then one day when he explained that we are all born with a sin nature everything became clear to me. David preached the Gospel every Sunday and consequently I understood that Jesus died on the cross to save my life and I then had the promise of God for eternal life. I realize that we are all still in sin, but I am a “work in progress” trying to please our God.
    Thank you, once again, David Nicholas for saving my life. Because of you I am no longer dead to sin.


  4. Many are the memories of the wisdom David shared from God’s Word. Seared upon my heart – and shared countless times since – is a moment in which David stood at his full 6’5″ and read Psalm 103: 11-12, first lifting his arms high, then stretching them outward, as if to impress upon me the impact of the assurances God wanted me — us — to know: For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. Heavens above the earth … east from the west … ad infinitum.
    I am literally eternally grateful for David’s influence upon our family.


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