For The Pastor Who is Serious About Making Disciples

Thursday is for Discipleship

(The following are excerpted from Bill Hull, The Disciple Making Pastor, p.12-15, bold emphasis added.)


“The condition of the heart, … determines the body’s ability to function normally.”

“The evangelical church has lost the will to ask the right questions and the courage to face the answers.  The critical decision facing the church is will we commit ourselves to the issues of the heart?  Will we repent of our foolish ways and turn to the work Christ commanded?  But what are the issues of the heart? What is the cardiovascular system of the church?

What obvious truth cause the saints to squirm?  Simply this: the church exists for mission.  The church lives by mission as fire exists by oxygen. The church does not exist for itself. This collides head-on with the self-indulgent ego driven psycho-babble mentality that dominates evangelicalism.  Look at the best selling Christian books, . . . talk to the average parishioner; the common thread is a preoccupation with felt needs.  If the church is going to obey Christ, this must stop.  Christians won’t stop having needs, real or felt.  However, the pre-occupation and prioritizing of felt needs over Christ-commanded activity must stop.

“The focus of a church’s staff, leadership, and core congregation is not to be inward, but outward.  The church’s mission is penetration into the world, as its metaphors instruct us.  Salt, light, leaven, army, ambassadors, pilgrims, all denote movement and penetration.  The church grows when members become more effective in penetration.

“Only one kind of person will penetrate the world, and the failure of the church to produce this kind of person is the error that has thrown it into crisis.  . . . The Christ-commanded product is a person called a disciple. Christ commanded His church to `make disciples’ (Matthew 28:18-20).  Jesus described a disciple as one who abides in Him, is obedient, bears fruit, glorifies God, has joy, and loves (John 15:7-17).

“When we obey Christ’s commission, two good things happen: we create healthy Christians; healthy Christians reproduce, and the body grows, then multiplies, and the world becomes evangelized.”

  1. Is this the mission of your church?
  2. Is this the atmospheric air that your church breathes?
  3. What will you do to make it happen?
  4. If you need to bounce ideas off of someone, email me, at

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