Reread the Altizer- Montgomery Debate

Friday Musings

John Warwick MontgomeryThomas Altizer was the the vanguard of the “Death of God” movement in the 60’s. John Warwick Montgomery is the brilliant (11 earned degrees) Christian apologist and theologian who devastates his opponents with regularity in every debate I have ever read in which he was involved.

This one was no exception.

Altizer is nearly unintelligible and consistently is backed into logical corners in which Montgomery pummels his antagonist mercilessly with wit, logic, Scripture, church history and a near encyclopedic grasp of the source materials related to all of Altizer’s  writings.

Praise God for minds like Montgomery’s who are on fire for truth and defend the “faith once delivered” with passion and excellence. May God raise up a new generation of such men and women.

One of the haunting things about reading this debate was the echo of language very reminiscent of some in the emerging church movement.

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