What is He Doing with that Blog Thingy?

Friday is for Heart Songs

I’ve been away for three days for a church planting seminar in Indiana and a two day prayer retreat in Amish country with my wife. Good, refreshing think time and we met some wonderful new friends.

But I also missed my daily dose of  “Ann Voskamp” over at aholyexperience.com and the routines that are the normal part of my day’s rhythm.
[Aside: Ann Voskamp is a Canadian devotional blogger who weaves very human stories about raising a family with deep reflection on sound theology. She is an artist with words, images, camera and mood. Many of her posts would make excellent calls to worship. In my opinion, Ann is one of the most significant devotional writers of the 21st century.]

Anyway, the weekend was great. I got to be with my bride. I had some time to reflect. And, God in his mercy, gave me the outline that I have been struggling to find on my next book. Here’s the weekly schedule for those of you who are new to Chosenrebel.wordpress.com:

Monday’s are for Discussion: Short provocative posts to stimulate discussion on what it means to live missionally in the 21st century.
Tuesdays are for Preaching: Short thoughts on preaching in the 21st century.
Wednesday is for Prayer: Short posts and exhortations on the importance and centrality of prayer.

[Short is a key word here. I strive to keep all posts under 500 words so that busy leaders can read, be helped and help others with their responses.

Thursday is for Discipleship: Readership seems to really jump on these days as we discuss issues related to spiritual formation on Thursday’s.
Friday is for Heart Songs: Devotional material, sometimes songs or poems or hymns that I have written for the body of Christ.

Saturday and Sunday: Musings on walking with God and links to some of the things I read during the week that might be of interest to readers.

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