Friday is for Heart Songs

Last post for the weekend

My son marries his high-school sweetheart this weekend.  Last night our oldest daughter, married last summer, called our youngest daughter and asked for the brother born between them.

Aubre to Meredith: “Meredith, Marty doesn’t live here anymore.” Six words.

An announcement of fact since Marty moved into the apartment he and Anna will dwell in once they marry on Saturday.  The words come off her tongue with such ease and lightness and yet they hit my spirit with such weight—loss and longing produces an instant glisten in my eyes. I love my son and my future daughter-in-law with such intensity that I know it runs near the precipice of idolatry. So …

  1. Pray for Stephnie and I as we give a son, gain a daughter, empty a house, and build new memories.
  2. Pray that Marty and Anna’s wedding day would bring great glory to Christ and joy to all of their friends and family.
  3. Pray for grace to be given to all those who will hear the gospel through the wedding service.
  4. Pray that young Marty and old Marty would not become blubbering fools during the wedding ceremony.
  5. Praise God for love, and gospel, and weddings, and sons and daughters who honor their families, and memories and the wonder of life in Christ.
Update August 6, 2011: Marty and Anna just celebrated one year of marriage and are doing great. Their love for one another grows; their service to Christ matures; and their indebtedness shrinks. We are very proud of them both and still miss them being in our lives everyday.

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