What is Missional Leadership?

Mondays are for Discussion

MissionalEd Stetzer led a tremendous discussion on missional leadership over the last five weeks at his blog (http://edstetzer.com). If you want a basic class on the “missional conversation” go back and read some, all, or selected posts at Ed’s site on the last five Missional Mondays Posts (Part 1-5). Don’t forget the comments section. There are some really helpful thinking including a very helpful summary by Dr. Marten Vissor, a missionary in Thailand in Part 5.

Now, I suspect that many of you will not go and read the posts that I just suggested. That’s okay.  It probably would take more time than most of you reading here have time for. So let’s begin a new discussion in this circle of the blogosphere.

Read my previous post with it’s five statements (sentences) about missional leaders. (see it here: http://www.chosenrebel.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/missional-thoughts-on-the-weekend).

  • What would you add?
  • What does missional leadership mean to you?
  • What does missional leadership look like in the neighborhood?

4 thoughts on “What is Missional Leadership?

  1. Missional leadership requires pastors to live in the neighborhoods where there congregations live and serve, and to be engaged in the broader life and development of the community. This presupposes that churches are local rather than regional.

    Missional leadership means seeing the lost and the community as the “neighbors” God has called us to love and reconcile to Him, and leading the congregation to do likewise.

    Missional leadership does not mean presbuteroi becoming deaconoi.


  2. The following came in via email and I thought it worth passing on because the writer is struggling with many of the issues that our new church in Mundelein/Vernon Hills will address. But also because my brothers questions and observations go to the heart of some of the missional conversation. (Bold Emphasis has been added. I have also withheld names and specific location information.)


    It’s such a blessing reconnecting with you after these 10 months. This is ________ – the Jamaican student from TEDS who was in your “Introduction to Church Planting” course last Spring. My wife ________ and I have been back in Jamaica since our graduation in May 2009; we’ll never forget your kindness to us during our last few months at TEDS – thank you brother. God bless you and your family abundantly. You have left a powerful mark on our lives Marty and reconnecting with you has been one of my top agenda issues during a very busy and formative period since being back home. I’m blessed and informed by the blog – you’ll be seeing my comments shortly.

    How has ministry in Mundelein been going? I know that you’re still teaching at TEDS, but how about the church plant? How’s that going? Since being back I have resumed my position as Assistant Pastor at my home church, ____________ Church in Kingston. In all honesty Marty, I’m not at peace at all in this ministry. We’re having some great successes within the youth ministry and the evangelism ministries of the church…….and I praise God for these things……but I’m not at peace in my spirit. I believe that God wants us to step out in faith and plant a church. I’ve been taking some steps in the past few months.

    I started a home Bible study in a community called ——Hill’s [region] (middle-upper class suburban neighbourhood) four weeks ago. We meet on Thursdays from 7 to 9pm; we’ve grown from 9 to 20 enthusiastic people (some fully committed, some seekers) and the potential for exponential growth is astounding. I have a core group of 8 people (3 couples including —[wife]— and myself) who comprise the leadership team – they are on fire. The meeting is held at the house of one of the couples.

    People are gravitating less to the restrictive formal worship of churches (whether traditional or contemporary) and are a lot more responsive to the interactive, small group discipleship model. In fact, I find that traditional churches have to create so many supplementary ministries to accomplish all the things that one home Bible study does. Pray for me Marty – God has been challenging me to consider a home (simple) church model of ministry – I have already seen the powerful impact of it in a religiously saturated culture like ours in Jamaica. It cuts out a lot of the bureaucracy of ministry and ABOVE ALL…the church’s enslavement to money!

    Presently, we have a good problem. The dynamic of the group is so good that we have to think about starting another study elsewhere in the community. When a group is too large it takes away from the openness and sense of belonging. To be honest with you brother, I’m both scared and excited about what this could be. It is certainly redefining church for me; for Jamaica, this is a revolutionary idea. What do you think of all this Marty? I’m trying to get some good information about home church ministries – could you recommend some material?

    In order to focus in on this ministry, I’m laying out a fleece. I’m trying to connect myself to a mission agency of some sort for financial and resource support – please pray for me because I’m not sure where to begin to look (especially as it relates to a home church model of ministry). Seeking your guidance and counsel on these things – thanks again brother and may God bless you!

    [Name withheld]


    1. Hey brother. Good to hear from you and the great work God is doing there in the island. Your experience has so much to teach us. I look forward to your contributions here on the blog for the growing community here.

      In four weeks you have grown from 9 to 20, already experiencing the need to multiply, and have excited leaders.

      Two questions:
      1. How is preaching being shaped in your house church?
      2. How are your people on mission to the neighbors?


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