The Meaning of Charleston; SCOTUS ruling; John Piper; the DRESS back in the news; Parenting and much more

Weekend Links

Arabic symbol for Nazarene (Will SCOTUS ruling lead to the marking of Christians in America?)

Arabic symbol for Nazarene (Will SCOTUS ruling lead to the marking of Christians in America?)

This promise is still true:  

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The United States is not Israel; but believers still dwell here. They are the people of God, the “Israel of God”, according to Galatians 6:16. And God is still looking to bless those people in any nation that humble themselves, seek His face and turn from their wickedness. Today, after the SCOTUS ruling, we have much more to turn from but our God is still ready to bless when we do.

Theology and Apologetics (These Things Believe)

Trinity Awarded $3.4 Million Templeton Grant to Develop the Christian Doctrine of Creation within Evangelical Theology (This is a great opportunity to think hard over what does the Bible actually teach about creation and what are the implications for life and ministry. Pray for the faculty and staff of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield.)

Pastor John Piper’s Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage  (Dr. Piper is just a man. A man that makes mistakes and struggles just like the rest of us. But he is also a godly man whose heart and mind are saturated with the Bible. This response is both amazing and helpful. Post also includes a brief commentary from Michael Cantrell at Young Conservatives.)

Ten Resources to Help You Talk Biblically about the Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality Debate  (Some very good short video’s in this series.)

Practice (These Things Do)

“Why is it so hard to see black and blue” Salvation Army Uses “the Dress” to Shine a Spot Light on Domestic Abuse Against Women  (Great to see Christians using media in a way that tackles real problems in the world.)

Politics and Pop Culture

The Meaning of Charleston  —Elder  (Such an unspeakable tragedy in Charleston and yet the godly response of the congregation to the hatred of the perpetrator has been an inspiration. What we shouldn’t lose sight of is the differences between the situation in 1960 and today. There is so much more to be done, so much more progress to be made in race relations, and would should grieve and repent that more has not been accomplished in the last 55 years. But we should also rejoice in the progress that has been made. Let’s commit ourselves to three things, always repenting, always rejoicing, always praying and working for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.)

What Dad’s Play Does for Kids  —Sue Shallenbarger    (New research on the importance of what a Dad’s presence does for children. Be encouraged men. Ladies, let your men do it differently than you.)

Israeli Company Turns Trash into Gas  (Great idea for the environment, for the people of the middle east, and for relations between Jews and Arabs.  Fantastic innovation. Wish I had one of these.)

Democracy is Dying Persecution is Inevitable  —Rod Dreher   (Actually, Dreher’s title said “is coming” not “inevitable.” Anaylsis of Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion on the Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of gay marriage.)

Proving God; White Privilege; Elisabeth Elliot; Rachel Doezal, Tim Keller, D.A. Carson; and a Review of Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Weekend Links

New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law

New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law

Twenty miles on the bike today and then a good hour long phone call with my brother. What a refreshing conversation to cool down with after a windy ride. Spent yesterday working in the garden and on the lawn.

It was a relaxing day off but I miss my wife who returns in a little over a week after a good visit with her mom in West Virginia. So glad for the way Steph’s mom raised the daughter I fell in love with.  Here are the weekend links. Enjoy.

Theology and Apologetics

Hell is Other People  —Margaret Manning Shull  (Good reflection on hell and much more. The author is part of the writing and speaking team with Ravi Zacharias International Ministry)

Carson, Keller and Piper on Churches Thriving in a Hostile Culture  —Gospel Coalition  (Great video about how to not panic and be the church in a post-Christian world.)

Former Atheist Astrophysicist Converts to Christianity and Explains Her Long Journey  (A very well written testimony of the relentless and gentle pursuit of God of a woman who had no interest in Him.)

30 Proofs for the Existence of God  —ThePoachedEgg  (Short, abbreviated arguments for the existence of God to encourage faith and cause unbelievers to reconsider.)

7 Reasons it Takes Great Blind Faith to Reject the Deity of Christ  —Historical Jesus Studies  (Filling up your toolbox to defend the faith and sharpen your faith.)

A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot  —John Piper  (Elisabeth Elliot was one of hte most influential women of the last 50 years. Not most influential Christian but most influential women. She and her life, not just her books about her husband’s life, have been an inspiration to me. She lives with Jesus now. She will be missed. But she has gained and that is the hope and joy of the gospel for all of us who believe.)

Church Health 

Is a “Club Culture” Killing Your Church?  (There are so many threats to church health and flourishing but this is one that more churches need to analyze with some real honesty and no defensiveness.)

Culture and Politics

Pixar’s Newest Movie (Inside Out) is a Must See  —(So glad my friend Keith Plummer posted this review. I want to see this movie. I think every parent might NEED to see this movie.)

My Shuffle-footed Neighbor  (Poetic whimsy about a four-footed neighbor)

What Riding My Bike has Taught Me About White privilege  —(An interesting analogy with some thought provoking points. As a fellow bike rider, I can testify that many of his observations about drivers are on point as well.)

71% of MSNBC Viewers Think Rachel Doezal is Black  —Jerome Hudson  (Please people, stop the insanity of political correctness.)

Facebook Self Censored; Former Lesbian on Olympian Jenner; Tony Campolo; The Church in Exile;

Weekend Links

An excerpt from a previous post earlier this year to introduce the weekend links.

All loves, all joys, all pleasures are given as momentary gifts to lead us to long for greater love, fuller joys, unending pleasures, all of which can only be satisfied in God himself. God wants us to long for more than we experience. He wants us to long for Him. The greatest being in the universe can only give the greatest gift. He must give Himself.

Perfect LoveHe did.

He does.

He will.

And that, nothing less than Him, is our greatest hope.

Theology and Apologetics

An Open Letter to Tony Campolo and His New Position on Homosexuality and Same-sex Marrriage  —Dr. Michael Brown  (Good letter with some important points that are often overlooked in the debate.)

Stage 2 of Exile: Are We Ready?  —Steve McAlpine  (“The biggest problem the church had, according to Exile Stage One thinking, was that no one was talking about us anymore.”  Things are changing rapidly in stage 2 of the church’s exile from culture.)

Christians, are You Ready for Stage 2 of Your Exile? —Justin Taylor  (Justin Taylor’s take on Steve McAlpine’s article. Understanding the times we live in is critical making our impact our that time so that future generations will have a faithful witness.)


Christians, Be Careful What You Say on Facebook  —(Wisdom, sober wisdom in this short article. Especially be careful about what you say about the Bruce Jenner controversy.)

Former Lesbian Jackie-Hill Perry Responds to Bruce Jenner Sex Change  —David Daniels  (Interview with former lesbian on the whole controversy. Short video at the end of the article as well.)

Can Gardening Change Convicts Lives?  —Washington Post  (Good article with some good ideas that says too much. Being engaged with wholesome, productive things is always good but real change is linked to Jesus and salvation is only through Him.)

The Rise of Evangelical “Nones”  —Ed Stetzer  (This is a very good article that drills down behind to give a better, fuler, more accurate picture of what is happening in so-called “demise of the church” in America. All is not doom and gloom, but there are some cautions.)

Pop Culture Trends

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme  —Paul McHugh  (John Hopkins research professor weighs in on the concept of “born this way” from his 40 years of research and observation.)

5 Olympian Jenner Facts  (There is so much tragedy in this whole story. Let’s not forget the real person involved.)

As Promised—-Back by Popular Demand: Weekend Links: John Piper, Trevan Wax, Jared Wilson, Kevin DeYoung, School Pension Reform, Seth Godin

Weekend Links

New Compost Setup

New Compost Setup

For years I have trained others to be “theologically driven and pragmatically informed.” I was seeking to develop disciples who who be able to fight the bent of much of the pop-church culture of being “pragmatically driven and only slightly theologically salted.” 

Training my students at the seminary and disciples in the church was a reminder to me to develop my own views of ministry from the Scripture out rather than from culture or tradition. It still is.

That’s part of what I hope happens for you as you come back and read the weekend links I post here. The Church needs theology. I’m going to try to be more focused on three broad categories: Theology, Practice, Pop-Culture. My hope is that you will be both encouraged and challenged by the offerings here.

On a personal front: I crossed the 200 mile mark for the Spring on my 40 pound department store bike. One mile today was my fastest this year at 16.2 miles per hour. Building strength and hoping to do a 60K in June and a 60 mile trip in July or August. Think I’m going to need a faster bike though. Trying to keep both body and mind sharp as I enter my 7th decade. Never thought I would live this long.


What is Your Capacity for Mystery?  —John Piper   (Twelve minute video that is powerful in its simplicity and profound in its implications.)

A “Solution” to Same-Sex Marriage that Solves Very Little  (Interesting article on what is happening down in Mississippi. This gets the state out of marriage licensing but does nothing to protect marriage as something that happens between heterosexual couples only.)

Was the Holy Spirit Not on Earth Before Pentecost?  —Jared Wilson (A great illustration about what happened at Pentecost and what was made possible because of Pentecost.)

Thinking Theologically about Memorial Day  —Kevin DeYoung  (These issues are not just memorial day issues but Veterans Day, Labor Day and issues like having flags in sanctuaries. Some good thoughts. “Allegiance to God and allegiance to your country are not inherently incompatible” [but they could be].

New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law

New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law


Journaling in Your Bible  —CrossWay Books  (I like a Bible with wide margins. I want to write my observations, prayers, questions, puzzles, quandaries, historical background notes and have them in front of me as I work my way through a book to help me interpret it. These two options from CrossWay Books are a good alternative for you if you are like me. The New Inductive Study Bible [NASB Update] is also good and includes book introductions to books and other helps for study.) 

Seven Reasons I Wrote a Book on Prayer —Edmond Sanganyado   (I have preordered this book purely on the motives of the writer and my own crying need to learn how to pray better.)

Encouraging Christians in Pakistan  (A bold business man builds a 140 foot cross in downtown Karachi.)

Where You Live Changes What You See When You Read the Bible  —Trevan Wax  (I think Trevan overstates the particular case and understates the value of listening to alternatives, but it is worth noting and being careful about your biases when you study the word of God. I make a similar point in the essay I wrote for A HEART FOR THE COMMUNITY (John Fuder and John Costellanos, editors.)

Pop-Culture and Politics

A Modest Proposal on School Pension Crisis from a Former Teacher (Some interesting ideas here on fair pension reform for school teachers in Illinois.)

Seth Godin and the Tribes We Lead  —TED talk  (Helping leaders to think conceptually about how to connect to tribes of people, people who live for the things you live and think about all the time.)

Ebola and Links to Inspire, Provoke, Inflame, Encourage and Instruct

Weekend Links

Read and grow but pray for the nation that seems to be coming apart with irresponsible actions by many in authority from Washington D.C. to Ferguson, MO, to Los Angeles, CA.  Pray for peace. Pray that fear dissipates and love predominates.

fallharvestBetter Engagement with Ministry

7 Ways to Kill a Prayer Meeting  (Tim Challies—very helpful.)
Author Suggests 9 Reasons We Can be Certain Christians Won’t be Raptured Before the Tribulation  (Some things to think about.)
13 Differences between American Christians and Biblical Christianity,  Joseph Mattera
How Should Christians Respond to Ann Coulter’s Article on the Ebola Doctor? (Gospel Coalition–beyond the fact that Ann Coulter delights to tweak people, she misunderstands the gospel.)
What We Learn from Nude Reality TV  (This is an important and reflective article for our time. An intelligent push back against the prevailing shamelessness of the public intoxication with nudity.)

The Fundamental Flaw in Courtship  (Good article on the mostly modern phenomenon related to courtship and dating.)
Matt Walsh on the Tragedy of Robin Williams Suicide  (I would change the title. Matt has already received his share of criticism by people who only read the title. But this is more helpful to the survivors of suicide, the ones left behind then almost anything else you might read out there right now.)

The Church and the its Exile from Public Culture  (Carl Trueman with an important article for all Christian leaders as we seek to prepare our people to live in exile.)
Carl Trueman’s Total Surrender (For an alternative view of what is going on in our culture and Christianity, there is this from American Vision writer, Dr. Joel McDurmon)

When God Messes with Your Life Plan  (Stephen Altrogge–A good reminder of who is really in control)
Lies Young Women Believe: Struggling with Same Sex Attraction  (Good article offering hope.)

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Hamas was Building Tunnels to Attack Schools in Israel
Keep Politics out of Our Pulpits  (Scary things being planned by politicians.)
Iraq … It’s Personal  (Very helpful. Wondering how to think, where to get accurate information, what to do?)
Science Explains Exactly How Your Phone is Ruining Your Relationships  (Is there anyone, ANYONE, who owns a “smart-phone” who couldn’t benefit from this article?)

For Health, Fun and Recreation

GoPro Camera  (Go anywhere camera and video)

Hamas Gaza Follies and Tragedies; Media Cover Ups; Religious Decline; Gay Men and HIV; Church Planting

Weekend Links

hamas1Doubly late Weekend links. I have been otherwise occupied with a doctoral class and limited time to prepare this week’s message. Enjoy.

Better Engagement with Ministry

Journaling: A Pathway to Joy  (David Mathis–Desiring God Ministries.)
Five Signs of a “Great Decline” in Religious Fervor in America (Five charts that demonstrate the need for prayer.)
A Real History of the Crusades  (Not what you think. What you think you know about the Crusades is mostly wrong.)
Another Christian Musician Demonstrates the Church Neither Knows how to Disciple its Creatives nor Creatives Know how to Live in the Community of Faith  (This is worth a post that analyzes the tendency of not just the church but of all of pop culture to assume a level of maturity and wisdom to men and women who are simply (wonderfully) creative.) 
An Interview with Jerry Bridges on His Autobiography: GOD TOOK ME BY  THE HAND  (Jerry Bridges is one of those writers who will be profitably read for 300 years.)
My College Friend Philosopher Greg Ganssle sits Down with John Lennox to Discuss “Is Anything Worth believing In?”  (Long but worthwhile.)

Thinking about Gaza and Israel

Media Cover up of Hamas Crimes Beginning to Unravel  (Leftist philosophers make the same mistake in every generation. They think they can cover up their crimes forever.)
Why Reporters Won’t Talk about or Photograph the “Secret” Command Bunker of Hamas  (When will journalist be held accountable for simply telling the truth?)
Spanish Journalist on Why Hamas is Never Photographed (They would simply shoot at us and kill us.”)

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Twenty Percent of Gay Men in America have HIV and nearly half are unaware of it (New CDC study of over 8,000 homosexual men. If we love our homosexual neighbors, we can’t be silent about these figures.)
Better Thinking about Thinking  (Thoughtful short article.)
Christians are Enemies of the Constitution: Military Confirms that It Will Court Martial Christians Who Express their Faith  (Scary stuff. Glad Jesus is still in control but it is alarming to see the country continue to become hostile to Christians.)
Cocoa Growers Taste Chocolate for the First Time  (Video and article that will make you think, give you joy, and make you sad all at the same time.)

Better Thinking about Church Planting

An Open Letter to Church Planters: Church Planting Gets Ugly (Wisdom and realism.)

Better Thinking about Science

Radical New Documentary Claims Copernicus and Four Centuries of Science is Wrong  (Fascinating. Jury is still out but interesting nonetheless.)

John Piper; Answering Homosexual Activists; Marriage Thoughts; Immigrant Policy; Dealing with Terrorism

Links for Life and Ministry

Grace StonesI am away this week taking the last class for a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. My posts this week will be few and short as a result. Walk with Jesus and have fun. Proclaim the excellencies of Christ by living passionately for and like Christ.

The Power of Prayer Winning the Lost and Comforting the Afflicted (Unforgettable story of tragedy, loss, redemption and a decade of prayer.)
Three Misconceptions that Christians Have about Marrying Non-Christians  (Helpful as far as it goes, but it never cites Scripture.)
15 Reasons We Would be Wise to Use Hymnals Again  (Ponder Aknew)
Book Review: Great Commission, Great Confusion or Great Confession?  (Don’t miss this one. All of us need to think better about what we mean when we say “Great Commission”)
How do We Make Disciples?  (Chuck Swindoll keeps it simple and biblical.)
Is God’s Word Enough?  (Crossway Books—every generation has to make a decision, but the word never changes.)
Grace for Every Need  (John Piper—daily devotional.)
Immigrants: What is a Christian Response?  (Long overdue for Christians to begin to think hard about these issues.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Ryan Anderson Responds to a Gay Man Who Wants to Redefine Marriage  (Two excellent short videos.)
Former Homosexual Reveals “Unmitigated Disaster” of Gay Marriage  (The freight train of gay “marriage” is headed over a cliff.)
More Brits Signing Up to Fight with ISIS Terrorists than Signing Up for Army Reserve  (Allen West reports. Alarming. Could it happen here?)
Blame Obama and American Evangelicals for the Persecution of Iraqi Christians  (Some real food for thought for all evangelicals. President Obama may be a disaster, personally I think so, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else, Christians included get a free pass.)
A Line Crossed in the Middle East (First Things)

For Fun and Health

Coolest Bookstores in the World   (I love bookstores and hate to see them disappear.)

Lazy Atheists; John Stewart’s Prejudice; Tim Keller on Suffering; Government Homosexuality Numbers; Smart Phones Making us Dumb and more

Weekend Links

Dan, Owen and Ellie (Day One of Being a Big Brother)

Dan, Owen and Ellie (Day One of Being a Big Brother)

I am a grandfather again!  Meredith and Dan just had their second child. Young Owen has a baby sister, Ellie Leta, born this morning weighing 7lb. 1 oz and measuring 18″ long.  We are excited for them and us and excited to see our new family member. Enjoy the weekend links.

Better Thinking about Politics and Cultural Engagement

A Primer on Race  (Joseph Stowell–pre-eminent black conservative and economist reviews a new book on race and how some help hurts the ones we try to help.)
Atheists Were Not Always as Intellectually Lazy as Richard Dawkins (Know Nothing: The True History of Atheism—Gone are the days when atheists took important questions seriously.)
How many Americans are Homosexual: New Government Survey Tells Us  (Much lower than they expected and revealing of a number of other lifestyle choices.)
Megyn Kelly Eviscerates John Stewart Over His Misleading Information in the Hobby Lobby Case  (What, a journalist doing her job?!)

Better Thinking About Ministry

9 Reasons Tim Keller’s Book on Suffering is a Book You Ought to Read  (Review of Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering)
10 Reasons Some Churches are Not Reaching Millennials (Frank Powell—some good counsel and insightful observations.)
God and the Gay Christian: A Response to Matthew Vines and Others  (Al Mohler—great interview with some weighty and compassionate thoughts.)
Three Reasons Why Staying Neutral is Not Biblical  (And unhelpful. Leslie Vernick brief article on counseling.)
Still Learning on Sundays: The Community as Gospel Apologetic  (Ed Stetzer–very short but helpful in answering those who want to distance themselves and the rest of us from the importance of gathering regularly in Christian community.)
9 Things You Should Know about Mormonism  (Pray for your Mormon neighbors.)
Six Ways Your Smart Phone is Changing You  (An interesting article and interview with David Wells.)

Just for Fun and Health

Two Women’s Normal Boring Chitchat becomes Hilarious When Lip-synced by Their Son and Nephew  (Funny)

Thomas Sowell; Bonhoeffer; Tim Keller and Suffering; Millennials and how to Reach them; God and Gayness; Pornography Danger and much more

Weekend Links

Bayoone Tear (A gift from Russia to the USA to commemorate those who died on 9//11/2001)

Bayoone Tear (A gift from Russia to the USA to commemorate those who died on 9//11/2001)

Late with the Links. Went for 20+ miles on the bike this afternoon. Completely bushed now. Can’t wait to see my bride tomorrow—returning from a funeral in West Virginia. I’m such a fortunate blessed man. 

Better Thinking about Politics and Cultural Engagement

A Primer on Race  Thomas Sowell—pre-eminent black conservative and economist reviews a new book on race and how some help hurts the ones we try to help.)
Atheists Were Not Always as Intellectually Lazy as Richard Dawkins (Know Nothing: The True History of Atheism—Gone are the days when atheists took important questions seriously.)
This Map Shows Why County Rights Need to be Protected  (Startling map of where people are and who is dictating to the country how others ought to live.)
The Forgotten Lesson of Bonhoeffer’s Life for the American Church  (Let’s be a church that doesn’t need a Bonhoeffer. Let’s live out what it means to belong to Christ before the church fails in its mission to America.)

Better Thinking About Ministry

9 Reasons Tim Keller’s Book on Suffering is a Book You Ought to Read  (Review of Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering)
10 Reasons Some Churches are Not Reaching Millennials (Frank Powell—some good counsel and insightful observations.)
God and the Gay Christian: A Response to Matthew Vines and Others  (Al Mohler—great interview with some weighty and compassionate thoughts.)
Married Men: Your Porn Habit is an Adultery Habit  (Jesus says so. Another on target post from Matt Walsh.)
A Christian Wife’s Marriage Catechism: A Rebuttal  (There is a lot of nonsense out there with regard to the doctrine of submission in marriage. This article addresses one of the most recent abuses of this doctrine. Ladies, if your man is abusing you, pray and seek outside help to get him to stop. Don’t fight the battle alone. He is wrong and you need protection.)

10 Fun Facts about Millennials  (Information is important if we are to reach the next generation.)

There are a lot of great things being written and discussed out there but the new book, How to be a Christian without Going to Church is not one of them. This Review will give you the material you need to fight the unchurching of some millennials.

What I’m Learning About Life from Jack Bauer and 24  (Kirsten Wilson is a professor at Colorado Chrisitian University. I don’t know her but her father has led a remarkable life and for a brief period, was one of my students. [If you knew him, you would know how absurd that sounds. I should have been his student.] Insightful article.)

Ending Abortion

This Supermodel was Pro-Abortion Until She Talked to Planned Parenthood  (Exposing the evil of abortion.)

For Fun and Health

How Cell Phones are Changing and Destroying Restaurant Culture and Maybe much more (Fascinating. People put your cell phones away and show some consideration to the wait staff.)

Jesus Drinking; Sexual Ethics in a Post Christian Culture; Hobby Lobby; Crazy Love; Matt Walsh and much more

Weekend Links

Anybody want to carve this door for my house?

Anybody want to carve this door for my house?

Opps! Forgot to post the weekend links. A little late, but always helpful. Better Thinking About Politics and Cultural Engagement

10 Fascinating Facts about the Founding Fathers and American Independence  (Good read for 4th of July Weekend.)
Democracy and Morality: Ancient and Modern  (Some of this thinking is going to influence a post I am working on for the future related to how to deal with the drug problem in America.)
The Hobby Lobby Agent–It Should Have Been 9-0 Ruling  (Lots to think about.)

For Better Ministry

Best Sellers: Crazy Love!  (Review by Tim Challies)
Hobby Lobby Wins: Where Do We Go from Here?  (Ed Stetzer—practical direction and ideas for the road ahead.)
Did Jesus Drink Alcohol?
 (Mark Dever—one of the best answers I have ever heard, not only on the facts [YES] but on how to think about the issue today in our culture.)
Biblical Theology and the Sexual Crisis  (9Marks, R. Albert Mohler—calm, reasonable thinking about a an important topic.)
Millennial Need a Bigger God Not a Hipper Pastor  (Sanity. Sanity. Sanity. O how great is your wisdom.)
The Number One Reason for Attendance Decline (Thom Rainer)
Evangelicals, Divorce and Same-Sex Marriage (Greg Strand)

Ending Abortion

Just Pretend that this Dead Lion is a Human Baby and It Won’t Upset You Anymore  (Matt Walsh with another incisive commentary on the weirdness of our world.)

For Fun and Health

Every Story Fits One these Eight Plots  (Kurt Vonnegut—8 sentences for all those who write anything.)
A List of Pastor’s Retreats and Getaways that are Either Free or Discounted  (Ed Stetzer—not exhaustive but a great list of places around the country where a pastor get away with his bride and relax, refresh and restore his soul.)
Tegu – the wooden toy company making a difference in Honduras.
Mowing Memories – The Art of Mowing a Hay Field  (Sibyl Spann–friend and writer, who is always clever and fun.)